Vladimir Lopukhin

Head of Russia and Eastern Europe Desk

Russian Federation | Moscow

He graduated from the Economics Faculty of the Moscow State University, he worked in the institutions of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, and in his academic carrier passed the full path from the trainee researcher to the head of the laboratory of the natural and ecological potential of the national economy.

In his position of the 1st Minister of Fuel and Energy of the Russian Federation and the freelance adviser to the President of the Government of the Russian Federation on international economic cooperation and fuel and energy complex in 1991-1992, he constantly participated in the development of major state programs and in particular: the establishment of vertically integrated oil companies, the development of legislation on the bowels of the Russian Federation, advising the Russian Ministry of Finance on the restructuring of the external debt, the development of the reform of Russian Railways, the development of taxation regimes for the Russian Federation, development of the Russian aviation industry.

As partner of the subsidiary structure of Lazar Eastern Europe in 1992-1996, founder and president of the LLC "Vanguard” since 1996 and General Director of LLC “NAVIN” since 2016 he closed more than 200 transactions in the investment sector, including such large ones as the creation of the Gazprom corporation, the establishment of the Yukos company, the creation of Surgutneftegaz, and the integration of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 project.

His professional strength is based on the fundamental vision of the global economic trends and consists in his ability to provide professional advise on both political and economic matters, expertise in diverse industries and building up a sustainable and reliable team.