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Changes in regulations are becoming more and more common, the fragmentation of national legislation and its harmonization with European rules, the implementation of organizational, administrative and adequate accounting assets, globalization and technological innovation.

These are some of the main challenges that companies are called on to overcome as they seek to come out on top.

Today, managing a company’s operation or understanding the business sector in which it operates is no longer sufficient.  You need strategic vision, to be able to use increasingly efficient control systems, understand the needs both of your clients and of those subjects with which your company has relations, avail yourself of the appropriate instruments to foresee possible critical issues and try to avoid litigation.

As we find ourselves in increasingly complex scenarios it is necessary that each company has at its side a trustworthy, professional and scrupulous partner, able to quickly supply it with tailor-made legal solutions.

It is with this objective in mind that we have set up our Corporate Legal team that works in close contact with professionals in the Strategy & Organization, Business Development and Finance fields, supplying companies with highly qualified professional, full service consulting.

Specifically, the Corporate Legal team is composed of professionals with several and complementary competences, specialized in:

  • Corporate governance
  • Contract issues
  • Real estate
  • Ordinary litigation and arbitration
  • Protection of personal data
  • Alternative finance
  • Credit recovery

With the objective of identifying the most appropriate solution to each company’s needs, creating value both in the compliance context as well as in that of business, our offer of legal assistance and consultancy will represent an essential point of reference for any company that does not consider the daily challenges they face as problems to be avoided but rather as opportunities to be accepted to better differentiate it from its competitors and to maximize the valorization of its product.

Profile reference

Alessandro Palma

Head of Corporate Legal

Italy | Milan

Alessandro is a cassation lawyer in the Milanese Forum. He has long experience in the area of company law and in civil law in general, gained initially as he worked with the noted lawyer Vincenzo Mariconda. In 2007 Alessadro founded the boutique studio “SLP – Studio Legale Palma”, whose objective...Read more