Who we are

Our company

We are an international management consulting firm.

We support our clients’ growth using all necessary tools to create for them a sustainable competitive advantage.

We specialize in managing change and in drawing up evolutive road maps that aim at sustainable change and furnish the instruments needed to trigger the process for continuous value creation.

We are an international team of men and women with a portfolio of high-level competences. Our approach is multidisciplinary and it is precisely our diversity of gender, culture and experience that makes us strong.

Each of us has worked for many years in a variety of company contexts and has developed profound functional and sectoral knowledge in our field giving us the ability to carry out transversal interventions that allows us to help clients set up adequate management models, stimulate continuous change and competition through innovation.

We invest continuously in our own training and research to strengthen and update our knowledge in all key economic areas of the business development process so that we can offer a wider vision, the newest ideas and effective solutions.

What we do

Strong through our knowledge and experiences, we guide our clients toward resolving even the most complex issues, guaranteeing an independent, global and objective vision of the dynamics of the market together with a systemic approach and a strong focus on results.

Our work can lead to a solid coherence between strategy and scenarios, outlining an agile organization, a streamlining of structures and processes as well as to a substantial increase in productivity and value.

We manage complex business development projects, working side by side with our clients right from the beginning to guarantee sustainability on the design and effectiveness in execution, reduce risks to a minimum and improve the speed of results.

We work with the most innovative tools and techniques to strengthen our ability to create knowledge, enhance cognitive capital and create awareness in both individuals and the collectivity on every level of the company and so stimulate participation and the sense of shared responsibility triggering a self-sustaining system of trust relations.

We assign each client a team, dedicated and able in handling their specific needs and transferring to them the necessary abilities and competencies, involving them in all phases of the project, so that they will be able to continue autonomously when our work is done.

Our values

Ethics and professionality are the fundamentals on which we base our work and that which is most basic to our whole organization.

We work with passion and dedication in the interests of our clients and guarantee them our maximum care and total commitment as we seek to find the best possible solutions to satisfy their needs.

We strongly believe in the value of knowledge, thus our constant investment in research and training to strengthen our own competences, so that we can guarantee the highest professional standards.

To contribute to enhancing the value of the companies with whom we work is for us a must, for this reason, we are constantly on the lookout for the more innovative tools and methods needed to tackle the increasingly global market which is in constant technological evolution.

We have a profound belief in the value of people and consider merit and differences whether of gender and culture as essential to generate value and distinctive innovation.  The recovery, requalification and energizing both the women and men in the organizations with which we work is one of our primary objectives, as is guaranteeing to them full participation without however prejudicing the prerogatives of the owners and the management.

We are independent and our opinion, like our work, is always and exclusively in the full interests of our clients.

We are extremely careful with everything inherent to reputation and confidentiality and we work in the ways and with the instruments best suited to guarantee integrity and correct exposure.

We always work to build long-term relations because we believe in the value and strength of trust as a tool to multiply the effectiveness of collaboration.

Heads of Practices

Luisella Erlicher

Head of Strategy&Organization

Italy | Milan

Paolo Monari

Senior Scientist, Head of Research

Italy | Milan

Filippo Natoli

Managing Partner

Italy | Rome

Roberto Rubini

Head of Communication

Italy | Florence

Alessandro Palma

Head of Corporate Legal

Italy | Milan

Nicola De Feudis

Head of Finance

Italy | Rome

Arlene Mijalenko

Head of Healthcare&Pharma

United Kingdom | London

Heads of Foreign Desks

Giuseppe Orlando

Head of Latam Desk

Paraguay | Asunción

Christian Soumah

Head of Sub Saharan Africa Desk

Ivory Coast | Abidjan


Maria Stella Bruno

Learning and Development Partner - Professional Certified Coach ICF

Italy | Turin

Irene Ivoi

Sustainability Manager

Italy | Florence

Federica Lovisato

Learning e Development Partner - Organization and Occupational Psychologist

Italy | Bologna