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The creation of value is the real determinant element in a company’s business and its ability to remain competitive and valid over time.

To stay at this level one needs to use the entire value chain in an integrated way, maintain a strategic design that is both challenging and balanced at the same time, coherent operations and a solid organization, in which everyone is in a position to make the difference.

In this systemic dimension, Corporate Finance is a key area in all the company’s management processes that lead to value generation.  Realizing this we have decided us to support the areas of “Strategy and Organization” and “Business Development” with an international team of experts in Finance to integrate our consulting services and allow us to offer our clients, not only specific, strategic, industrial and organizational sector competencies, but also reliable financial and methodological instruments to identify the most appropriate solutions to maximize value generation.

We offer assistance in defining both Corporate level value generation projects and single business units in which we will operate to redesign processes and structures to develop business models based on performance management that focuses on value creation.

We manage M&A projects, so we can assess strategic value to identify which operations can really reinforce your company’s position and include the levers and potential to generate adequate commercial, industrial and technological synergies.  We do operative due diligence and assist management over the post-transaction periods to create the base to maximize the value of the operation to you.

We assist our clients in designing and realizing Alliances and Joint Ventures, by carrying out compatibility analyses, helping in defining a correct strategic imposition and clear rules on which to base the share the value which is generated.

We support Private Equity funds by scouting the market, choosing investment opportunities, managing their portfolio and in defining exit strategies.

More in general we work on operations involving fundraising, sale financing and export credit above all on products and services connected to business with a high level of high tech and/or are capital intensive.

Profile reference

Nicola De Feudis

Head of Finance

Italy | Rome

Has long experience in Business Development, Advisoring and Management in different kinds of organizations, from Strategy Consulting Firms, to Private Companies of all sizes, Government Agencies, SME and their Networks. Is well-versed in Internationalization, with first-hand experience of related...Read more

Filippo Natoli

Managing Partner

Italy | Rome

He is a manager with solid professional experience of international breadth acquired while covering various roles in a number of business and cultural contexts. He has mostly worked in high-tech, capital intensive companies, both public and private, in the aerospace sector as a manager of important...Read more

Our Solutions

Corporate Finance

  • Value management programs using both organic and inorganic growth strategies compared to strategic scenarios and to relative technological prerogatives;
  • Communication projects focused on value creation issues;
  • We assist and consult in financial restructuring projects to balance financial situations and credit ratings.


  • Market analyses relative to the principal drivers in the relative strategic sector and the identification of targets, whether buy-side or sell-side;

  • Operative due diligence in M&A projects in the context of a general industrial program with analyses of potential for operative improvement and relative risks;
  • Project management of acquisition process;
  • Definition of spin-off strategies and the predisposition of vendor due diligence.

Alliances and Joint Ventures

  • Market analyses of the relative strategic sector and the identification of targets;
  • Compatibility analyses;
  • Definition of work sharing and the logic of the sharing of profits;
  • Economic, financial and equity evaluations of the business.

Supporting Private Equity Funds

  • Continual monitoring of international markets and selecting investment opportunities in realities in their startup phase or companies with high tech or a strong propensity to innovation which are already consolidated;
  • Support in portfolio development and management to evaluate the financial sustainability of optimization, restructuring, acquisition and merger projects;
  • Support in the disinvestment phase.

Fundraising – Investment Vehicles

  • Assistance in defining strategies to acquire capital, based on the relative sector and level of risk of the entrepreneurial initiative;

  • Management of relations with investment and development funds, pension funds, banks, family offices and institutions;
  • Assistance in defining financial structures;
  • Setting up of investment vehicles.

Export and Sales Finance

  • Support in financing operations for the export of high tech and capital intensive products, in particular, relative to aeronautic and naval sectors, designing and executing export credit operations involving national insurance agencies and credit issuers;

  • The setting up of stable interfaces with government institutions, agencies guaranteeing credit for exports, central banks, international financial institutions, such as investment and development banks, to guarantee a quick and efficient closure of operations;

  • The design and implementation of financial and operative leasing solutions.

For aeronautic products

  • Support in defining financing solutions in sales and the management of the relative transactions;

  • Support for the financial operations of sales, in the defining and management of Fair Market Value and interfaces with international assessing agencies.