Public Sector

Mays International has in depth experience in the Public Administration sector, on regional and Department and local levels as well as that of organizational units and of specific structures such as employment centers and those for assessment.

We act knowing that necessary change in the Public Administration must renew the sense of added value of the public body and know how to maximize it.

We will present a large number results which have become international benchmarks, models and best practice that focus on mobilizing public managers and valorizing internal personnel so that they act in interdependency with the network of citizens and stakeholder organizations, also promoting integration between public and private.

We advise our clients on how to achieve a participated transformation which we have elaborated as we worked in different application contexts.  This solicits reflection, ideation and responsibility among the public actors allowing them to reach results in efficiency that are indispensable for the public sector.

The clients we serve

Governments and governmental institutions;

Public administrations;

Government agencies.

Profiles reference

Luisella Erlicher

Head of Strategy&Organization

Italy | Milan

Adjunct Professor of the Department of Organizational Studies at MIP School of Management, Politecnico of Milan. Partner of the consulting firm Mays International, based in Florence. Consultant at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) on the WCM (World Class Manufacturing) Production System. Author of...Read more

With the contribution of

Maria Stella Bruno

Learning and Development Partner - Professional Certified Coach ICF

Italy | Turin

Qualifications Degree in Mathematics – Turin University Master in Business Administration – SAA Turin Management Development in International Business – Executive Master, Politecnico of Turin Field of activities and skills Design and deployment of training and coaching programs for companies change...Read more

Our Solutions

Innovation in service models

  • Involvement of the service recipient through activation methodologies like design thinking;
  • Assistance in defining innovative digital services focused on needs and on the abilities of the citizen users.

Lean organizational processes and structures

  • We support innovation in processes and structures by involving internal teams in analyses and revisions of flows, organizations, people, competences, performance and KPI, controls and IT systems by combining Business Process Management methods and advanced lean methods to achieve quick results.

Digital agenda

  • Consultancy for the dematerialization and digitalization, identifying and prioritizing the procedures and managing the impact on competencies and job profiles;

Professional systems, competence and performance evaluation

  • Analysis of the levels of professionality required in an organizational and digital transformation;
  • Definition of emerging and obsolete professional profiles, definition of the families of professions, of role profiles and competence profiles;
  • Support in developing a system to assess performance and competencies and the development of competencies and careers using among other tools gamification.

Valorization of differences and agile working

  • Analyses of the personnel of the PA, identifying imbalances of gender and age and support in carrying out projects to valorize female leadership and intergenerational collaboration, using instruments such as self-assessment of competencies, coaching, consolidation of leadership personnel and reverse mentoring;
  • Analysis of the organization of work and of the needs conciliation to define flexibility projects, distance and agile working, pointing out advantages in terms of productivity, motivation and empowerment of people and the elimination of waste.