Machine Learning

The complexity and quantity of generated data are growing and a new approach, actually it is from the recent past, is needed, Machine Learning (ML), a branch of Artificial Intelligence, delivers tools that can classify vast amounts of data, in order to detect hidden patterns that could shed on past events and help predict their evolution.

Especially in IS where patterns are continually changing, an ML approach gives one a distinct advantage in deciding on where and how to concentrate more specific and deterministic analyses.

So to enhance our ability to help our customers we have invested time and resources in this strategic area to integrate and complement our offering of services and technology.

Profile reference

Filippo Natoli

Managing Partner

Italy | Rome

He is a manager with solid professional experience of international breadth acquired while covering various roles in a number of business and cultural contexts. He has mostly worked in high-tech, capital intensive companies, both public and private, in the aerospace sector as a manager of important...Read more