The MAYS International team has a wide knowledge in the Aerospace sector, whether civil and military.  It has worked in both fixed and rotating wing platforms, unmanned  vehicles for logistic services and public and private transport.

We work mainly in Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, Subsaharan Africa and Latin America, much being done through our branch offices in Italy, Russia, Ivory Coast and Paraguay.

Our team of experts comes from important international managerial experiences in leading companies in the sector and we assist our clients drawing on our constantly updated and deepened functional and sectorial competences.

We collaborate with some of the most important producers of platforms and service providers, organizing commercial promotion activities and business development projects on a global scale.  We offer consulting to airlines in international market development projects, in formulating partnership agreements, in M&A projects and in launching startups in emerging economic areas.

We have solid competences in all key areas of ordinary and extraordinary management thanks to which our team can make a significant contribution to the success of growth programs, projects to enhance industrial performance, reviewing engineering processes, restructuring of the supply chain and after-sale services.

We have state of the art instruments and methodologies that will help our clients control more effectively the on-going digital revolution in particular as regards processes, organizational models and big-data management.

We invest continually in updating our knowledge in machine learning to offer our clients services and systems in technological and managerial fields.  We research the impact of new technologies and current sectorial trends and develop new methodologies and analytic instruments to respond quickly to our clients’ needs and priorities.

The clients we serve

Producers of rotating and fixed wing platforms, drones;

Producers of components;

Service providers;


Governmental Institutions;

Profiles reference

Filippo Natoli

Managing Partner

Italy | Rome

He is a manager with solid professional experience of international breadth acquired while covering various roles in a number of business and cultural contexts. He has mostly worked in high-tech, capital intensive companies, both public and private, in the aerospace sector as a manager of important...Read more

Our Solutions

Strategies and Business Development

  • Uncovering the Client’s unique strategic points and key value drivers on a domestic scale and their potential for expansion internationally.  Assistance in drawing up and implementing a strategic plan;

  • Executive search for industrial and commercial partners and potential facilitating synergies;

  • Assistance in designing and executing acquisition, production delocalizing and technology sharing and technology transfer;
  • Support in the executive phase of commercial, partnership or acquisition agreements;
  • Identifying the instruments airlines need to expand in their relative markets or when moving into new markets;
  • Support in defining a business plan to launch a startup to supply public or private transport services;
  • Implementation of partnership agreements and support in setting up foreign branches in emerging economic areas.


  • Support in setting up R&D programs;
  • Extended enterprise project management particularly in reference to an R&D environment;
  • Application of lean manufacturing methodologies and support in digitalizing factories;
  • Supply chain restructuring projects and definition of sourcing strategies;
  • Solutions for IT security management, particularly IP and information flows.


  • Management of Knowledge Management projects and innovation development;

  • Change Management projects and support in the application of organizational models dedicated to the company’s digital transformation;
  • Revision of the organizational model of the engineering units and management of performance enhancement projects.

Sales and support in financing

  • Commercial promotion activities;

  • Support in arranging financing for sales, management of relations with capital providers and definition of the architecture of the operation;
  • Management of export credit operations with the role of interface with government institutions, public agencies guaranteeing credit and financial institutions;
  • Financial and operative leasing operations;
  • Management of financing projects in high risk and/or low rating conditions, particularly as regards emerging economic areas in Eastern Europe, Sub-Sharan Africa or Latin America;
  • Assistance in managing fair market value as a security instrument in sales operations.