Industrial Products and Services

There can be no doubt that the arrival of the new digital technologies and the recent strong acceleration in the science of materials have become disruptive elements in the industrial goods and services sector.  Nanotechnologies, composite materials, machine learning, big data, automation, additive manufacturing and cyber security are only some of the key elements that have come to characterize this era and will increasingly condition its destiny.

In parallel with this incredible acceleration of our technological abilities, markets, demanding more and more from the products they seek, continue to grow and their boundaries fade as a new organizational paradigm emerges, amplifying the contribution of all the players in the company.

We are living in a world of continuous change in a competitive arena which has grown in width and ferocity.  Here, to make the difference we need a solid R&D area, state of the art technology and innovative business and organizational models that are highly adaptable and project a global vision of the market.

Whether the company in question is already large and proven or a small entrepreneurial reality, whether we are speaking about a sector leader or a second level supplier, our clients still have to face the same issues: defining competitive strategies on foreign markets, streamlining internal processes, evaluating alliances to locate the best to guarantee success to one’s products or the setting up of distribution networks and go-to-market efficiency models.

To find answers to these needs we make available to our clients teams of experts coming from various fields, each having had important experiences, in large groups but also in small and medium sized companies in which they helped in defining strategic plans, internationalization projects, turnaround projects, the redesign of R&D and engineering processes, M&A projects and the restructuring of the supply chain.


The clients we serve

Industrial equipment manufacturer; 

Aeronautic equipment manufacturer; 

Automotive components producers; 

Oil&Gas equipment and services providers; 

Network infrastructure asset management service providers; 

Private equity funds;

Profiles reference

Paolo Monari

Senior Scientist, Head of Research

Italy | Milan

Senior Scientist – Head of Research, Associate Partner of MAYS International. Contract professor at the University of Padua, for Organization, Innovation and Project Management. He has worked in corporations in several sectors in various functions and roles. He was CEO of Maffei Ambiente SpA. a...Read more

Filippo Natoli

Managing Partner

Italy | Rome

He is a manager with solid professional experience of international breadth acquired while covering various roles in a number of business and cultural contexts. He has mostly worked in high-tech, capital intensive companies, both public and private, in the aerospace sector as a manager of important...Read more

Nicola De Feudis

Head of Finance

Italy | Rome

Has long experience in Business Development, Advisoring and Management in different kinds of organizations, from Strategy Consulting Firms, to Private Companies of all sizes, Government Agencies, SME and their Networks. Is well-versed in Internationalization, with first-hand experience of related...Read more

Our Solutions

Strategy and Business Development

  • We assist our clients in designing strategies and business development plans;
  • We help to identify opportunities for organic and inorganic growth of a global scale.


  • We assist the implementation of lean technical standards and integration of 4.0 technologies along the “extended value chain”;
  • We activate the auditing system, ensuring monitoring and assessing the impact on KPIs;
  • Restructuring the supply chain and the revision of the sourcing strategies;
  • We implement cyber security management systems with particular focus on knowledge and information flux protection;  


  • We design more effective organizational structures, teams and roles to reach strategic and operations objectives, based on the most advanced and agile lean models; 
  • We encourage participation and reward propositivity when implementing systems; 
  • We have developed a system of roles and models of competence and knowledge management with particular attention placed on identifying and filling gaps between the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines using innovative and fast methods;

Innovation and R&D

  • We create the operative and cultural conditions to generate, assess and implement a continual flow of technological, IT, business, instrumental and organizational innovations.


  • We help you elaborate market, distribution and sales strategies oriented both for business to final customer and business to business. 
  • We assist in the process of entering new markets with dedicated teams to manage focused partnership projects, promotion and sales activities.