Nicola De Feudis

Head of Finance

Italy | Rome

Has long experience in Business Development, Advisoring and Management in different kinds of organizations, from Strategy Consulting Firms, to Private Companies of all sizes, Government Agencies, SME and their Networks.

Is well-versed in Internationalization, with first-hand experience of related needs and issues and of doing business in Foreign Markets, mainly in Asia. Is also a Member of the National Board of AssoRetiPMI, main Italian association for SME Networks, as Foreign Markets Delegate.

Has solid background in economics, with a Master in Business Administration (MBA). Regularly involved in teaching activities about SME Networks and Internationalization with Universities in Bologna and in Rome.

Is a quick learner, enthusiast about working on new subjects with interesting fellows. Likes History and related topics, meaning an array of fascinating subjects, from Art to Geopolitics to Communication, and connections between them.