The healthcare and pharma sectors represent in absolute one of the most vital areas of the economy and among those most subject to continual change.

A series of elements acts as a common denominator for all the actors, from pharmaceutical companies, biotech firms, service providers and right down to the patients themselves, that are conditioning the dynamics of the market.

In the health services area there is growing pressure to expand care systems, to increase their efficiency and quality, and to this must be added a greater awareness by patients when selecting from among the cures and services on offer.

In the pharma and biotech areas we must make note of an expanded ability and availability of new technologies, almost always with a high digital content, research achieving results more quickly, the appearance on the scene of new players, even local and in emerging economies, the presence of new medicines, the consecration of the key role played by genetic drugs and finally, but no less important, the increasingly strict regulatory framework.

The pharmaceutical industry is also under ongoing pressure to consolidate, driven by expiring patents and falling returns from R&D investment.  In these conditions, it is necessary to contain costs and review one’s strategy and business model to guarantee competitiveness on the global market.

We have decided to take up these challenges creating a dedicated team who have solid experience in a wide and important range of technical, managerial and consulting competencies, accompanied by an ability to see issues from 360°.

We operate in several areas and therapeutic settings side by side with firms in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical systems industries. We offer support in strategic decisions, in market development, in introducing new products, in managing innovation activities, in technological and organizational choices on a factory level and extended value chain as well as in fine tuning management processes and furnishing services.

We are up-to-date on all developments in the anti-aging segment, where we work together with some important research centers dedicated to introducing new technologies and cures based on proprietary projects.  We observe constantly and attentively market dynamics, the behavior of the main players and the newcomers, the products and the environments of applied research, with the objective of identifying realities with high potential and find connections among peers or environments with parallel activities to stimulate the generation of synergies and develop business opportunities.

Our clients

Public health systems;

Suppliers of private health services;

Pharmaceutical companies;

Biotechnology companies;

Producers of medical and diagnostic equipment;

Research centers.

Profiles reference

Arlene Mijalenko

Head of Healthcare&Pharma

United Kingdom | London

Highly qualified professional with vast Marketing experience in the Pharma and Biotech sectors who has held managerial roles at various levels within some of the most reputable multinational companies of the pharmaceutical industry in various countries (in Europe and the Americas). The Marketing...Read more

Nicola De Feudis

Head of Finance

Italy | Rome

Has long experience in Business Development, Advisoring and Management in different kinds of organizations, from Strategy Consulting Firms, to Private Companies of all sizes, Government Agencies, SME and their Networks. Is well-versed in Internationalization, with first-hand experience of related...Read more

Our Solutions

Strategy and Business Development

  • Definition of strategic scenarios and medium and long term objectives;

  • Identification of organic and inorganic growth on a global scale;
  • The planning and execution of launch projects for new products and entries into new markets, distribution, pricing;
  • I/O licensing;
  • Restructuring projects, revision of business models and performance enhancement.


  • Project management of extended enterprise particularly in reference to the R&D area;
  • Industrial partnerships;
  • Application of lean manufacturing methodologies and support in digitalizing a factory;
  • Supply chain restructuring projects and help in defining sourcing strategies;
  • Solutions to manage information security particularly knowledge and information flows.


  • Definition of organizational disposition, of teams and roles, based on advanced lean and agile models;

  • Governance and decision-making systems;

  • Organization of the sales force;
  • Organization of international and local marketing;
  • Management of the franchising and therapeutic areas;
  • Change Management projects and support in the application of organizational models dedicated to a company’s digital transformation.

Innovation and R&D

  • Organization of the R&D function;
  • Support in structuring the R&D plans;
  • Management of Knowledge Management projects;
  • Technological, IT, business, instrumental and organizational innovation;
  • Optimization of clinical trials.

 Marketing and Sales

  • Support in developing international sales channels;
  • Strengthening of commercial performances;
  • Access strategies for country markets;
  • Marketing management for countries;
  • Sales force stimulus programs.