Manufacturing today requires excellence in performance and a competitive advantage is the result of continual technological and organizational innovation and a capacity to promote creation processes and an exchange of knowledge as regards the product, technologies and methods.

Moreover, the new industrial paradigm referred to as Industry 4.0 radically modifies the way of working, integrating with clients and suppliers through an exchange of data and an integration among production, R&D and engineering processes.  Intelligent data processing, complex algorithms that allow machines to learn and enabling sensors applied to machines to integrate among themselves are among the solutions that allow one not only to make a dramatic improvement in efficiency and effectiveness, but also to identify new ways of doing things and new business models that produce impacts on economic indicators.

Our team, with consolidated experience in large industrial groups and SMEs and through constant relations with DIHs, research centers and universities can guide you through this phase of disruptive change supplying insight on the main manufacturing trends and support in strategic decisions regarding innovation and business development opportunities, as well as technological and organizational choices at the shop-floor level.

Our approach

We develop your business operatively while promoting the constructive capacity that makes it possible to guide the integrated complexity of processes, technologies and people toward an excellence of results using proactivity and innovation.  Starting from the resources and current best practice, results and international benchmarks, we design the most effective processes for change.  We introduce lean and digital, technological and organizational standards encouraging participation and engagement by the whole team and each member.

The clients we serve

Producers of cars, motorcycles, boats, commercial vehicles, trucks, buses, agricultural and construction machinery;

Producers of plants and machinery;

Suppliers of electrical, mechanical and electronic components;

Companies for precision mechanics and production technology;

Profiles reference

Luisella Erlicher

Head of Strategy&Organization

Italy | Milan

Adjunct Professor of the Department of Organizational Studies at MIP School of Management, Politecnico of Milan. Partner of the consulting firm Mays International, based in Florence. Consultant at FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) on the WCM (World Class Manufacturing) Production System. Author of...Read more

Paolo Monari

Senior Scientist, Head of Research

Italy | Milan

Senior Scientist – Head of Research, Associate Partner of MAYS International. Contract professor at the University of Padua, for Organization, Innovation and Project Management. He has worked in corporations in several sectors in various functions and roles. He was CEO of Maffei Ambiente SpA. a...Read more

Our Solutions

Strategy and Business Development

  • We assist our clients in designing strategies and executing business development plans;
  • We help to identify opportunities for organic and inorganic growth of a global scale.


  • We assist in the implementation of lean technical standards and integration of 4.0 technologies along the “extended value chain”;
  • We activate the auditing system, ensuring monitoring and assessing the impact on KPIs;
  • Restructuring the supply chain and the revision of the sourcing strategies;
  • We implement cybersecurity management systems with a particular focus on knowledge and information flux protection;  


  • We design more effective organizational structures, teams and roles to reach strategic and operations objectives, based on the most advanced and agile lean models; 
  • We encourage participation and reward propositivity when implementing systems; 
  • We have developed a system of roles and models of competence and knowledge management with particular attention placed on identifying and filling gaps between the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines using innovative and fast methods;

Innovation and R&D

  • We create the operative and cultural conditions to generate, assess and implement a continual flow of technological, IT, business, instrumental and organizational innovations.


  • We help you elaborate market, distribution and sales strategies oriented both for business to final customer and business to business. 
  • We assist in the process of entering new markets with dedicated teams to manage focused partnership projects, promotion and sales activities.